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**Pockets are for outdoor use only
**Check with your Condo Association or Apartment Management before hanging the Urban Garden on a balcony
**Once filled with soil and plants the Urban garden can weigh 35 to 40 pounds depending on moisture and other factors.  Hang before filling.


Hang the Urban Garden utilizing the best option for your hanging location.  In almost every application zip ties work well for hanging your Urban Garden (4 are included).  You can also tie 2 bags together to create a saddle over a railing.  When creating a living wall you may hang directly on a wall (drill screws (stainless or brass) through the grommets).

For best results we recommend using a moisture control soil but any potting soil will do (adding vermiculite can help reduce weight).  Pockets hold about 1.5 gallons.  Start by placing about 1.5 to 2 quarts (depending on plant size) of dirt into bottom of pockets (about half the pocket). Center plant and fill with soil, making sure to balance plant in the center and leaving about 2 inches space free of soil at the top.

If starting with seeds use about 1.5 gallons of soil leaving at least a 2-inch space free of soil at the top, then follow directions on the seed packet. You will be amazed how quickly your seeds germinate.

The lower pockets will retain the most moisture so plant accordingly.  Most vegetables and flowers need between 4 and 6 hours of full sun daily.


Check moistness of the soil daily, water slowly from the top down. Fertilize each plant as needed. 


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