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6 Pocket Urban Garden

Perfect for Herbs

Fresh herbs can be expensive and
have a rather short shelf life in your
fridge when purchased from a
grocery store .   Plant your own and
have fresh herbs on hand when you
need them for a fraction of the

 Create a living or edible wall

Camouflage an unattractive fence or structure by creating a living wall.  Highlight any vertical space with flowers, favorite plants or vegetables.          



Grow your own 

Live a healthier lifestyle by eating
fresh fruits and vegetables.  It has 
long been know that a diet rich in
healthy fruits and vegetables can
reduce the risk of many diseases and
is vital to maintaining a healthy
weight. There is a movement in this
country to increase our consumption
of healthy foods grow locally or
better yet, grow ourselves.  We want
to get back in touch with our food and 
minimize our exposure to toxins.
We are tired of over processed,
chemically enhanced, unidentifiable food

Fun for the Family

Even if you live in the city and have only a patio or balcony you can use the Urban Garden as a teaching tool for your kids.  Let them experience the joy of creating and give them an understanding of where food comes from. Watch your vegetables grow from seed and share the feeling of accomplishment in creating your own vertical Garden.    


   Anyone can garden

City dweller, senior or student can
all experience the joy of gardening. 
A hanging garden is the best solution
for those who have limited space or
mobility.  You can hang the Urban
Garden on a balcony or fence freeing
up space and making it more accessible
 Victory Gardens are back

During World War I & II victory gardens became not only patriotic but necessary due to food shortages.  Backyards, front yards, balcony's, rooftops or any vacant lot was used in the effort.  Well this effort is again in full swing, we are seeing it in school yards, neighborhoods and in Urban areas.  We are getting together as communities to create vegetable gardens where once a overgrown lot stood abandoned.   Whether it be in the name of patriotism or self-sufficiency it is a good idea.  Gardening is truly good for the soul, its gets you back in touch with nature and creates a place where communities can get together to help one another. 



2 Pocket Flower box
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