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The Urban Garden was created out of frustration for lack of gardening space and a strong desire to grow my own fruits and vegetables.

We are a family business located in Florida and though we have wonderful weather we also have sandy soil and bugs that look like they have been around since the time of dinosaurs. Most of us don't have large yards, we live in condo's or on a 50 x 100 lot.   Despite the wonderful weather that makes house plants turn into Jurassic vines we are horizontally challenged when it comes to growing a vegetable garden. I searched everywhere for a solution, looking into hydroponics and even designing a complicated pyramid structure made from wood. Both options were expensive and still took up valuable living space in my tiny yard. Finally I had the idea to try creating a vertical structure from a reconstructed over the door shoe organizer.  I started from seeds and to my amazement I had 100% germination within 3 to 4 days.

Seedlings turned to healthy plants, with little effort. There was no bending, no mulching, no weeding and it was very water efficient. I was thrilled, I was actually growing vegetables. Then one day the bottom dropped out.....literally. The canvas could not hold up to the elements and rotted within a couple of months, so my beautiful plants fell out of their vertical homes. Disappointed but inspired, I set out to find material that could hold up.

After months of trial and error and about 15 types of material, while searching for a environmentally responsible fabric I came across a material made from recycled plastic bottles . I had good results with vinyl but really wanted too find something that was environmentally friendly (and easier to sew). The fabric fit both requirements, it holds up to the elements, and I would later find out it also had a few other elements that made it perfect for a growing medium. It will hold a certain amount of moisture but any excess will drip down to the pockets below. It is also breathable and allows the plant to develop a strong root structure, minimizing the circle of death we so often see in root bound potted plants.

There it was, I had solved my problem.

At the time, I wasn't thinking about anyone but myself until my father in law mentioned I should make them and sell them. He was right, I wasn't the only one searching for a solution and from that the Urban Garden was born. I hope you will enjoy this product as much as I do.  It has  finally given me the ability to have a garden, get in touch with nature and create something. 

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